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A Calgary icon! Friendly service. Great Calgary-style pizza!
Casa Viajeros
Casa V.
02:27 04 Oct 22
Great pizza
Jason Purdy
Jason P.
03:34 02 Oct 22
Excellent food great service.
Mark Plotzki
Mark P.
02:24 02 Oct 22
Great food and fast service! I had the steak with baked potato and my boyfriend had the baked lasagna. My steak was cooked to perfection and my boyfriend says it’s one of the best lasagna he’s had in a long time. We will definitely be back to try their pizza!
Michelle Fleury
Michelle F.
05:03 01 Oct 22
Pizza pasta and all the food is excellent
Michael Moyen
Michael M.
01:43 17 Sep 22
Brian Reierson
Brian R.
04:02 14 Sep 22
Haven't been in years and grew up going here weekly in the 80s. Glad some things Haven't changed. Thx for a great family dinner!
23:18 07 Sep 22
Honestly the best pizza I've ever had. I come here a few times a month
01:17 07 Sep 22
I love this place! The food is so good, especially the pizza, lasagna, and chicken parm 🤤
Jordan Leigh
Jordan L.
22:22 27 Aug 22
Food is always great. Excellent food and service
Jamie Reid
Jamie R.
16:29 21 Aug 22
Sharlot Quinton
Sharlot Q.
00:42 19 Aug 22
Great pizza! One of the better ones I’ve had.
Gerry H.
00:24 10 Aug 22
Great local restaurant with awesome staff. The food is so good too.
Alison Pulvermacher
Alison P.
23:11 11 Jul 22
The absolute best pizza I have ever had. I have been eating at Starlite since I was in high school (I recently turned 40) and in those many years I have yet to come across better.I moved away from Calgary over a decade ago and got a chance to grab lunch here while passing through. I am very pleased to say that thier food is still just as food today as it has ever been.I cannot recommend Starlite enough.
Adam Goddard
Adam G.
03:49 02 Jul 22
Lorraine Podrasky
Lorraine P.
16:22 22 Jun 22
Hidden gem. Lasagna is a must !
Terry Khu
Terry K.
21:39 01 Jun 22
Kosta makes food great, must try, Kosta is good chef. Kosta makes good food. Kosta is love, Kosta is life.
Aryan Kanda
Aryan K.
17:33 01 Jun 22
Always a great place with wonderful staff!
Sheena B
Sheena B
17:45 14 May 22
Went to Starlite fora family meal. Well ordered the lasagna was very enjoyable. Nice friendly staff, great food and very competitive pricing. Will be going back to try pizza was recommended.
Ken Clayton
Ken C.
14:16 14 May 22
If you're looking for a bougie lounge to watch the game, sit in a nice booth, and have some drinks, you're in the wrong place. Starlite is an older restaurant with a smaller lounge. The seats and tables are very low so there's no hiding your bloated belly. The clientele is a bit sketchy so prepare yourself for some discriminatory conversations that you might overhear.I've given the lounge a 4/5 because of their wings and the service. The ladies who waitress are always very friendly and make sure to consistently check on you. The wings themselves are the best in Calgary (I've tried a lot of wings, people!) so definitely go for those. Unfortunately, their wing nights (Saturday and Monday) are only available if you sit in the lounge, which I dislike since it's small and the tables are so low.If you're looking for one of the best pizzas in the city, try their Kosher Pizza. You won't regret it!
Karly Tarney
Karly T.
17:35 26 Apr 22
Good food
Malcolm Mckinnon
Malcolm M.
15:43 22 Apr 22
Great little place. Wings are good.
Allan Stubenvoll
Allan S.
04:21 12 Apr 22
Many of the staff have been here forever and are great. One of the best cheese heavy pizzas in Calgary. Not the cheapest option but I have been a patron for 30 years and that pizza still calls my name.
Jeff Schauff
Jeff S.
23:57 06 Apr 22
Best pizza ever--thick with lots of very high-quality cheese! Try the ham, mushroom, and baked-in tomato.
Evans Forsyth
Evans F.
19:47 05 Apr 22
jason campbell
jason C.
04:56 03 Apr 22
Great spot for home cooked meal. Service was really as well!! Would definitely go back.
Cheryl B
Cheryl B
14:46 15 Mar 22
Great place to eat, food always good very relaxed atmosphere
Bob Hoyt
Bob H.
01:49 09 Mar 22
Scott Stern
Scott S.
00:38 08 Mar 22
Absolutely love the pizza from here and I will drive for 20 minutes in a blizzard to get it, and the better half really likes the lasagna!
Jeff S
Jeff S
01:06 05 Mar 22
Kind people running a great restaurant, the staff are friendly and welcoming. We've ordered pizza from there several times and never been disappointed.
Owen Robinson
Owen R.
18:10 27 Feb 22
Waiter, was very friendly knew the specials, and cleaned the table whenWe were finished.
Roz Brown
Roz B.
21:52 16 Feb 22
It's just good food, that's it, that's all. Not fancy, not everything needs to be fancy.
Naomi D.
Naomi D.
03:11 16 Feb 22
My family and I have been coming here since I was a kid, the staff here are always kind and helpful. Definitely try their steak sandwich or their pizza! Definitely a place with nostalgia and a home-y feel to it!
Attacus Jackson
Attacus J.
00:37 01 Feb 22
02:34 20 Jan 22
This just might be the best bb pizza in the city.The pizza size I see not huge so take that into account.It's so worth giving it a try if you have not had it yet.
Ken Reid
Ken R.
02:28 15 Jan 22
Best pizza ever.
tracy wutzke
tracy W.
16:13 13 Jan 22
Great service and affordable prices
Perry P
Perry P
17:16 07 Jan 22
One of the oldest restaurant in neighbourhood but still serve the greatest pizza.
Ashley Anderson
Ashley A.
10:19 07 Jan 22
Good pizza
18:11 19 Dec 21
Three different lunches all were enjoyed.
Teddy Barteaux
Teddy B.
04:41 15 Dec 21
Naqqash Merchant
Naqqash M.
19:49 13 Dec 21

Monday’s and Saturday’s

$8.25 / Dozen Wings


Small 2 Topping Pizza $11.95

Veal Cutlets | 14.50

Tender breaded veal cutlets served with fries

Steak Sandwich | 18.50

7oz Grade A Alberta beef served with garlic toast and fries

Calamari | 14.95

Tender breaded calamari rings served with dip

Potato Skins | 10.50

Baked potato skins loaded with cheese, bacon and chives

Zucchini | 10.75

Breaded deep fried zucchini sticks cooked just right and served with dip

Chicken Fingers | 11.50

Breaded chicken fingers served with your choice of dip

Baked Lasagna | 13.50

Lasagna baked with cheese and meat sauce

Spaghetti | 13.50

Spaghetti and meat sauce

Shrimp | 11.95

Tender shrimp served with dipping sauce

Seafood Combo | 10.50

A combination of your favorite seafood

Fish & Chips | 13.50

English style battered fish served with fries

Reuben | 11.95

Loaded Reuben sandwich served with fries

Patty Melt | 11.95

A hamburger patty with melted cheese and topped with caramelized onions

Caesar Salad | 9.00

Fresh Caesar salad loaded with croutons

Greek Salad | 11.00

Tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, feta cheese, and olives and dressed with salt, pepper, Greek oregano, and olive oil

Onion Rings | 9.50

Deep fried tender onion rings served with dip

Dry Ribs | 12.25

Seasoned dry ribs baked to perfection

Cheese Burger | 12.50

Cheese burger topped with lettuce, tomatoes and pickles and served with fries

Dine-In Only

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