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Monday’s and Saturday’s

$9.95 / Dozen Wings


Small 2 Topping Pizza $11.95

Veal Cutlets | 14.50

Tender breaded veal cutlets served with fries

Steak Sandwich | 18.50

7oz Grade A Alberta beef served with garlic toast and fries

Calamari | 14.95

Tender breaded calamari rings served with dip

Potato Skins | 10.50

Baked potato skins loaded with cheese, bacon and chives

Zucchini | 10.75

Breaded deep fried zucchini sticks cooked just right and served with dip

Chicken Fingers | 14.75

Breaded chicken fingers served with your choice of dip

Baked Lasagna | 13.50

Lasagna baked with cheese and meat sauce

Spaghetti | 13.50

Spaghetti and meat sauce

Shrimp | 11.95

Tender shrimp served with dipping sauce

Seafood Combo | 10.50

A combination of your favorite seafood

Fish & Chips | 13.50

English style battered fish served with fries

Reuben | 11.95

Loaded Reuben sandwich served with fries

Patty Melt | 11.95

A hamburger patty with melted cheese and topped with caramelized onions

Caesar Salad | 9.00

Fresh Caesar salad loaded with croutons

Greek Salad | 11.00

Tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, feta cheese, and olives and dressed with salt, pepper, Greek oregano, and olive oil

Onion Rings | 9.50

Deep fried tender onion rings served with dip

Dry Ribs | 12.25

Seasoned dry ribs baked to perfection

Cheese Burger | 12.50

Cheese burger topped with lettuce, tomatoes and pickles and served with fries

Dine-In Only

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