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John Sanchez
John S.
02:34 20 Jan 22
This just might be the best bb pizza in the city.The pizza size I see not huge so take that into account.It's so worth giving it a try if you have not had it yet.
Ken Reid
Ken R.
02:28 15 Jan 22
Best pizza ever.
tracy wutzke
tracy W.
16:13 13 Jan 22
Great service and affordable prices
Perry P
Perry P
17:16 07 Jan 22
One of the oldest restaurant in neighbourhood but still serve the greatest pizza.
Ashley Anderson
Ashley A.
10:19 07 Jan 22
Good pizza
18:11 19 Dec 21
Three different lunches all were enjoyed.
Teddy Barteaux
Teddy B.
04:41 15 Dec 21
Naqqash Merchant
Naqqash M.
19:49 13 Dec 21
Friendly staff, good ambiance, good prices.
Lynda Pilson
Lynda P.
19:18 01 Dec 21
Craig Porter
Craig P.
13:10 25 Nov 21
Starlite is amazing. Great staff, great food and atmosphere.Love this place!
Krzysztof and Falynn Gajda
Krzysztof and Falynn G.
00:55 19 Nov 21
Our family has been going to this restaurant for the last 20 years. The service and quality of food is always amazing. Thank you for all your hard work and the delicious food!
Ryan Cameron
Ryan C.
14:49 13 Nov 21
One off the best Pizzas.
Robbie Broatch
Robbie B.
16:10 09 Nov 21
Patty the waitress always pleasant and the service is always good, our favorite regular order are baked spaghetti and the seafood fettuccine,
Grace Michelbrink
Grace M.
00:02 09 Nov 21
Love the traditional diner food. It's delicious and the staff are friendly. A great little hidden gem.
Brandie Sunley
Brandie S.
21:38 06 Nov 21
A great little community pub and restaurant. Had the baked lasagna. 🤤 Very friendly and attentive staf. Family owned. Definitely worth another trip back.
Dave Walsh
Dave W.
23:01 26 Oct 21
Had a very good lunch there.good size menu.
Alfred Taylor
Alfred T.
21:46 24 Oct 21
Good Greek pizza with slices of tomatoes instead of just paste makes it so juicy
Angela Fok
Angela F.
18:46 22 Oct 21
We came on Thanksgiving Sunday. We reserved for 6 pm. Arrived on time and was seated after checking our Vaxxed status. The server a gentleman was very good, he gave us lots of time to order and was good in helping us order. I had the fish and chips it was very good in taste. Parking was very good. The first lady in our path, ordered a steak, medium rare . It was done correctly. The second lady had the veal dinner. The only negative according to her was more saltier.The amounts for dinner was very reasonable, less than we expected. Coffee was refilled without needing to wait.
Ralph Meyer
Ralph M.
03:03 11 Oct 21
The staff is friendly and efficient. All the food I've tried there is good but it's my favorite place to get pizza
Amy C.
Amy C.
03:09 01 Oct 21
Orville Osadchuk
Orville O.
09:39 30 Sep 21
Very good quality calamari and great service 👍
sara baird
sara B.
23:30 25 Sep 21
Excellent service, great food. Loved it every time we go.
stephen king
stephen K.
19:44 04 Sep 21
This has been a family favorite for more than 25 years! Great food and great service!
David Blackmore
David B.
03:11 28 Aug 21
Great food and service!
Diane Cillis
Diane C.
20:23 27 Aug 21
This pizza is one of the best in Cowtown. I'll go out of my way to do a pick up if in the neighbourhood!
Jason Guenter
Jason G.
00:49 16 Aug 21
Always great food, great service and great prices!! From Pizza to Veal cutlets to soup etc....you can't go wrong with what they serve!!
Todd Cooper
Todd C.
00:36 15 Aug 21
We always get great food here.
Alison Robertson
Alison R.
13:55 13 Aug 21
Great food and service
Brian Warren
Brian W.
03:02 11 Aug 21
We ate here last week, and the food, service and good vibe were ALL Stellar! The Calamari appetizer was the best I've ever had. My husband had steak, and it was perfectly cooked and I enjoyed my cannelloni very much. Dinner was so good, we stopped back to grab a pizza the next day- GREAT PIZZA, STARLITE, 😋We'll be back, without a doubt!
04:45 09 Aug 21
Very good pizza fast service and delicious food.
Brenda Pedersen
Brenda P.
14:35 08 Aug 21
Fast friendly service.
18:06 30 Jul 21
I have had pizza from the restaurant before very fresh ingredients.We loved the pizza. I was there yesterday and used the ATM I went to shoppers noticed I was short a 20 the lady gave me back a 20 and I am sure she could of just said contact the company of the machine or wasn't their problem after Looking in the ATM seeing no bills were stuck. Thank you for helping me I really appreciate it and will be in to order some food after pay day.
Sarah Rowbotham
Sarah R.
20:12 10 Jul 21
The pizza here has never let me down.
Quentin Osborne
Quentin O.
21:04 09 Jul 21
Meals are huge. Sharable for sure. Includes soup or salad and a side plus a veggie plus garlic toast. Thats a lot. Service great. Salmon huge serving and great but is pink not red.Everything is packaged due to covid so getting butter for a baked potatoe takes many little butter containers. Not a fan of tomatoe sauced green beans. No one at our table ate them. Liver is thin, not strong, no vessels, awesome but beware it is sitting on a lot of gravey which had an odd cinnamon like flavour and the menu does not mention this. Get the liver and onions for sure but ask for no gravey or ask for it on the side if u want to try it.We will go back. It was busy but we had a reservation.
jackie patey
jackie P.
14:16 06 Jul 21
Best pizza in town 😋
Ann Heath
Ann H.
00:49 01 Jul 21
Joel Montanez
Joel M.
00:24 01 Jul 21
Always enjoy Starlight it’s kinda got a warm home vibe. Food always very , very good and for a fair price. The employees are all awesome and are so very friendly and welcoming. This is a great family restaurant that is worth a try. Pizza is great also.
Brenda Belyea
Brenda B.
00:13 21 Jun 21
Awesome food, and such a cool vibe nice place to stop
03:56 09 Jun 21
Great Pizza:)
Russell L
Russell L
02:17 30 Apr 21

Monday’s and Saturday’s

$8.25 / Dozen Wings


Small 2 Topping Pizza $11.95

Veal Cutlets | 14.50

Tender breaded veal cutlets served with fries

Steak Sandwich | 18.50

7oz Grade A Alberta beef served with garlic toast and fries

Calamari | 14.95

Tender breaded calamari rings served with dip

Potato Skins | 10.50

Baked potato skins loaded with cheese, bacon and chives

Zucchini | 10.75

Breaded deep fried zucchini sticks cooked just right and served with dip

Chicken Fingers | 11.50

Breaded chicken fingers served with your choice of dip

Baked Lasagna | 13.50

Lasagna baked with cheese and meat sauce

Spaghetti | 13.50

Spaghetti and meat sauce

Shrimp | 11.95

Tender shrimp served with dipping sauce

Seafood Combo | 10.50

A combination of your favorite seafood

Fish & Chips | 13.50

English style battered fish served with fries

Reuben | 11.95

Loaded Reuben sandwich served with fries

Patty Melt | 11.95

A hamburger patty with melted cheese and topped with caramelized onions

Caesar Salad | 9.00

Fresh Caesar salad loaded with croutons

Greek Salad | 11.00

Tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, feta cheese, and olives and dressed with salt, pepper, Greek oregano, and olive oil

Onion Rings | 9.50

Deep fried tender onion rings served with dip

Dry Ribs | 12.25

Seasoned dry ribs baked to perfection

Cheese Burger | 12.50

Cheese burger topped with lettuce, tomatoes and pickles and served with fries

Dine-In Only

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