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I have had pizza from the restaurant before very fresh ingredients.We loved the pizza. I was there yesterday and used the ATM I went to shoppers noticed I was short a 20 the lady gave me back a 20 and I am sure she could of just said contact the company of the machine or wasn't their problem after Looking in the ATM seeing no bills were stuck. Thank you for helping me I really appreciate it and will be in to order some food after pay day.
Sarah Rowbotham
Sarah R.
20:12 10 Jul 21
The pizza here has never let me down.
Quentin Osborne
Quentin O.
21:04 09 Jul 21
Meals are huge. Sharable for sure. Includes soup or salad and a side plus a veggie plus garlic toast. Thats a lot. Service great. Salmon huge serving and great but is pink not red.Everything is packaged due to covid so getting butter for a baked potatoe takes many little butter containers. Not a fan of tomatoe sauced green beans. No one at our table ate them. Liver is thin, not strong, no vessels, awesome but beware it is sitting on a lot of gravey which had an odd cinnamon like flavour and the menu does not mention this. Get the liver and onions for sure but ask for no gravey or ask for it on the side if u want to try it.We will go back. It was busy but we had a reservation.
jackie patey
jackie P.
14:16 06 Jul 21
Best pizza in town 😋
Ann Heath
Ann H.
00:49 01 Jul 21
Joel Montanez
Joel M.
00:24 01 Jul 21
Always enjoy Starlight it’s kinda got a warm home vibe. Food always very , very good and for a fair price. The employees are all awesome and are so very friendly and welcoming. This is a great family restaurant that is worth a try. Pizza is great also.
Brenda Belyea
Brenda B.
00:13 21 Jun 21
Awesome food, and such a cool vibe nice place to stop
03:56 09 Jun 21
Great Pizza:)
Russell L
Russell L
02:17 30 Apr 21
A great spot that treats their regulars like gold. The food is excellent and they are doing a great job following covid hygiene protocols.
Shannon T
Shannon T
02:06 30 Mar 21
ama hart
ama H.
02:56 28 Mar 21
Very friendly and attentive, it doesn't look good from the outside but produced a delicious omelette and surprisingly tasty fries. Coffee was pretty good too. Next time I am in the area, I will try their pizza!
Neil Bromley
Neil B.
23:05 26 Mar 21
Absolutely delicious pizza, very cozy, almost home like feeling when you sit down. The apple pie heated up is also to die for so I highly reccomend that. Not to mention my girlfriend and I had a large pizza to share, a pop each and the apple pie all for only $50!
Epoplo martian
Epoplo M.
14:55 14 Mar 21
Great pizza! Have only used take out, so far. But the pizza was as ordered and piping hot....And the wings are amazing! Great treat!
Reasa Wright
Reasa W.
15:00 07 Mar 21
Kind people running a great restaurant, the staff are friendly and welcoming. We've ordered pizza from there several times and never been disappointed.
Owen Robinson
Owen R.
22:19 02 Mar 21
Randy Guenther
Randy G.
04:12 27 Feb 21
Amazing pizza
Tyler Liversuch
Tyler L.
01:03 20 Feb 21
Sylvia Wilhelm
Sylvia W.
03:06 19 Feb 21
Small neighborhood restaurant with great food and service everytime we visit. Reasonable prices proportions are large. Staff get to know regulars and remember drinks and meals that we order regularly. Interior is nothing fancy and probably could use some updating. Tonight it was quiet as it was after 8pm. Usually business is pretty busy around dinner time. The staff in this place are real gems! They have large menu so bound to be something for everyone.
Julie Gwynne
Julie G.
16:15 16 Feb 21
This restaurant is a treasure in this community. The pizza and food here is awesome, the staff is awesome. We have been here many times through the years and will continue to do so. We highly recommend them.
Sabre Automotive
Sabre A.
22:21 23 Jan 21
Been going to Starlite since it opened!Awesome long term staff. Great for all ages.Love love love the lasagna!
Catherine Jones
Catherine J.
03:25 22 Dec 20
We have ordered pizza from them twice now, both times Take out due to the restaurant not being able to have dine in. INCREDIBLE pizzas.... The All Trimmings pizza is amazing. Loaded with so many tasty ingredients, and a REALLY nice tomato sauce. Definitely go try Starlite out sometime soon!!!
Eric Bergeron
Eric B.
06:16 16 Dec 20
Great food! Amazing service. I love the servers here! Diane and George rock!
Adam O'Keefe
Adam O.
04:18 11 Dec 20
Trudy Head
Trudy H.
07:17 05 Dec 20
Randy G
Randy G
22:34 01 Dec 20
Great old fashion pizza ladys up front have awesome customer service
Brian Buck
Brian B.
15:16 30 Nov 20
Best pizza, great service
Robin Morrison
Robin M.
20:51 19 Nov 20
Great friendly service with a smile, wonderful food!
Chris Stubbs
Chris S.
05:13 11 Nov 20
Nysil George
Nysil G.
04:54 05 Nov 20
Great place for pizza. Good Time to go.
Gordon Rogers
Gordon R.
03:09 31 Oct 20
Good food
mark lamont
mark L.
00:26 25 Oct 20
Amazing food, and very polite staff. One of my favorite restaurants in the city.
J Heine
J H.
21:52 21 Oct 20
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Free Food Cart: W.
02:28 14 Oct 20
Consistently amazing service, the food is delicious and comes out very fast every time. Can't recommend it strongly enough a very good hidden gem that everyone should try !
Daniel R
Daniel R
03:25 11 Oct 20
They made pineapple & ham taste goodLarge pizza isn't as large as most franchise places but the pizza is pretty filling and bar style pizza.
Homer Burns
Homer B.
00:25 06 Oct 20
Stan Nowosielski
Stan N.
16:36 04 Oct 20
Margie Hadley
Margie H.
19:27 26 Sep 20
Very freindly
Wylie Hastie
Wylie H.
15:38 26 Sep 20
Great food with great service.
Monique Besier
Monique B.
21:07 19 Sep 20
Great atmosphere great staff fast friendly service and amazing food
Julia Weal
Julia W.
21:50 16 Sep 20
Crystal Isley
Crystal I.
19:23 16 Sep 20
Great service. Pizza is delicious!
Kim Burns
Kim B.
01:08 09 Sep 20
Excellent food and wonderful service. Great food specials in the lounge.
Cheryl Z
Cheryl Z
23:12 31 Aug 20
Me and Katie from the Nail Salon, totally recommend going to Starlite Restaurant at heritage drive. The place is nice and owner is very kind to talk with.So please drop by when your close to the neighborhood!!
Lam Huynh
Lam H.
19:32 31 Aug 20

Dinner Specials

Specials are available for dine-in only.


Veal Cutlets w/Mashed
Chicken Cordon Bleu w/Mashed

Lunch Specials

Specials are available for dine-in only.


Veal Cutlet w/Mashed
Chicken Caesar Salad


Chicken Rice


Hot beef Sandwich w/Mashed
Chicken Caesar Salad


Tomato Macroni


Cheese Burger w/Fries
Chicken Caesar Salad


Cream of Chicken


Hamburger Steak w/Mashed
Chicken Caesar Salad


Vegetable Barley


Chicken Fingers w/Fries & Caesar Salad
Fish & Chips w/Caesar Salad


Clam Chowder

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Children's Menu

10 Years of age and under

FISH & CHIPS | 6.95

Served with French Fries

Spaghetti | 6.95

Fettuccine | 6.95

Served with French Fries

Served with French Fries



Deep Apple Pie | 5.75
with Ice Cream

Chocolate Cheese Cake | 5.25

Chocolate Cake | 5.25

Chocolate Sundae | 6.95

Ice Cream | 6.95



Coffee | 1.95

Tea | 1.95

Herbal Tea | 2.45

Hot Chocolate | 2.25

Milk | 2.45

Pop Large | 2.45

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